You may have already met our wonderful Operations Manager, Beth, or seen her on our social platforms. For those that have and are curious as to what she’s up to at the moment but also for those who haven’t met Beth yet but would like to know what her role at The Projects is, keep reading. Beth has been working on bringing The Projects to life and making the impossible possible. Once we open, she’ll be leading the Front of House team whilst staying on top of all things Ops. She’s practically superwoman.


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Beth. First of all, we want to know how you summarise your role as Operations Manager? And how do you manage it?!

I see myself as being the middle man for everything to do with The Projects. I have a lot of people coming to me, from the people working on site to the Community Manager, asking for things to be approved or for me to give my guidance. I have to make sure that each part of what we’re doing has a purpose and is helping us to eventually be able to provide the best possible service to our members. Once we’ve launched, my role will take a new direction which I’m looking forward to.

And how do I manage it… well, I’m fortunate to be working with the most supportive team I’ve ever had. Everyone is so caring, and I’ve felt that from day one. But also, lots of yoga and meditation!


What do you envisage for the future of The Projects?

I see us being a very warm, nurturing community. We say we’ve got the personal touches of a member’s club and to me, that means truly knowing our members. We will understand their motivations for working at The Projects and be able to provide them with whatever they need from the space. We all say in the team that we want to know our members so well that we even know their Auntie’s dog’s name! I see The Projects being a place which people love to be, both for work and for play.


What has been your biggest challenge in this role so far and how have you overcome it?

Luckily, I’ve come into this role and been met with nothing but encouragement and excitement. There really haven’t been many challenges. I guess the only thing I’ve struggled with from time to time are mental barriers I’ve imposed on myself. I’ve found myself thinking ‘that can’t be done in that time frame’ or ‘will we be able to do this at all?’ but, I’ve managed to catch myself out and take a more pro-active and positive approach. I’ve had to get over the ‘imposter syndrome’ that comes with being the new kid on the block in the co-working industry in Brighton but now that no longer worries me. We’re here and we’re unique and we’re going to be celebrated. I’m just feeling inspired and enthusiastic now!

What Projects’ projects are you most excited about?

As our building work draws to a close, I can’t wait to see all of the spaces we’ve set up take space and be used and loved.

We’ve set up a collaboration with the University of Brighton on their Beepurple Entrepreneurship programme. One of the students or graduates on the programme will be receiving a free mentored space at The Projects so that they can develop their business idea, freelance plan or social enterprise project. The fact that we’ll be involved with helping breed the next generation of entrepreneurs is really cool.

Oh, and of course, I’m really excited about our launch party on the 22nd of November! It’s going to be fantastic, thank you so much Georgina from The Great Little Event’s Company who has been working with us to ensure the night is dynamic and truly representative of our space. She’s done an amazing job so far and we’re all buzzing to show people what The Projects is all about.


In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about working from The Projects?

There are too many, it’s hard to whittle it down to 3… I’d have to say:

1) We have built having a healthy work:life balance into the space. We have serene spaces for our members to work from and collaborate with others, but we also have areas dedicated to relaxation, from our games room to our bar and café. We’re also building our gym! So, we don’t just say we care about making your whole life better, we show you that we do.

2) The team at The Projects really care about every member, their purpose is to make our members’ days easier and their time at work enjoyable. You’ll notice it as soon as you walk through the door and it’s something we already pride ourselves on.

3) The location of The Projects is second to none. We’re in the heart of the Lanes and just a stone’s throw from the seafront. The building itself is absolutely beautiful, too. There is nothing else like it in Brighton.

Thanks again for your time, Beth. We can’t wait for the launch so we can see The Projects become a new hub for creativity and business in Brighton!

This post is part of our ‘Discover’ series where we share what’s going on behind the doors of The Projects. If reading this has got you curious about membership or if you’re looking for a space to hire for events, then get in touch. We’d love to show you around or sign you up for one of our free trial days. After all, beautiful things happen when we work together.

Author: Alexandra Young