Explore: 6 Things To Do With A Visitor In Brighton In The Day (On A Rainy Day)

On a sunny day, a friend coming to visit you here in Brighton couldn’t get much better. You can take a stroll and end up sitting on the beach, enjoying a picnic or some drinks and watching the waves crash in until the sun sets. Unfortunately, we’re not always blessed with beautiful weather so when someone proposes they come and see you in Brighton, you can feel a bit stumped with what to show them when they arrive.


Here are our top 6 places to show a visitor to the city when the beach doesn’t fit the bill. You might also be glad to hear that the following suggestions are appropriately for nearly all ages.


1. Venture into The Royal Pavillion

So this first one may seem obvious but it does actually get overlooked quite often, especially on a rainy day. The Royal Pavilion is a beloved landmark in Brighton. It’s a Grade I-listed structure which was designed by John Nash in the early nineteenth century. The last tenant in 8-9 Ship Street was a solicitors firm, founded by William Attree would bought the land the pavilion is built on for the infamous George IV. It’s design was based on Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture and was initially a holiday home for George, Prince of Wales (then later George IV). Today is can be visited 7 days a week from 10am til 5.15pm so if you want to get a glimpse inside replica rooms as well as its art gallery and impressive grounds then why not take your friends and family along when they come down to see you. We’re pretty sure they won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else in England.

2. Take an LGBTQ tour

We’re a city proud to support LGBTQ movements and are often called the LGBTQ capital of the UK. If you or your visitors have ever wanted to know more about how Brighton became the town it is today, a walking tour from a local expert will help you piece things together. There are walks that you can go on which will take you through over two-hundred years of history whilst getting to see some of Brighton’s best sights, from the grandeur of the seafront, through The Lanes, to the ‘gay village’ of Kemptown, too. Celebrate Brighton and what it stands for. Tickets available here for £16. Most walks take an hour and a half.

3. Go on an architecture hunt

Brighton and Hove is home to some of the most stunning Regency architecture in England. From the squares and crescents in Hove to the elegance of Sussex Square all the way into Kemptown, Brighton’s Regency heritage blends seamlessly with the more modern aspects of the city but is often overlooked. Why not take a stroll to Regency Square and soak up the elegance before heading to The Artists Residence’s (number 34) bar, The Fix, for a cocktail, or a soft drink if there are little ones in tow, in a wonderful, old building with a chic interior.

4. Shop locally and sustainably

Brighton is a perfect place to come if you want to shop in a more environmentally friendly way. From the sustainable lifestyle and re-worked jewellery shops of The Lanes all the way through to the to the retro, second hand yet oh-so-stylish North Laine, shopping in Brighton really is an experience you won’t come by in any other city. You’ll find everything from homeware to vintage clothes, vegan food to vegetarian shoes. Our favourites are Wolf & Gypsy for fashion, Infinity Foods for eco-friendly cleaning products and delicious treats and Unlimited for art.

5. Explore the old police cells

According to their website, ‘The police cells were condemned in 1929 and are now unearthed for your pleasure. In 1844, Chief Constable Henry Solomon was senselessly bludgeoned to death by a petty criminal before witnesses in his own office. His assailant spent a night in the subterranean cells before being tried and publicly hanged. These cells have hosted many infamous felons who have shared a night in the company of the spectres that lurk within…’. These cells are a great visitor attraction if your guest is interested in history and crime. It’s also a really interactive place to take children (above the age of 6). Another huge plus is that entry is free! Just check out their website to see which tours are on around the time you want to go.

6. Go kayaking in the sea

The Kayak Coach specialises in running various canoeing, kayaking, sit on top and stand up paddle board courses and lessons in Sussex. Why not have an adventurous day our with your visitors. If you’re an experienced water-baby then you could hire out sit-on-top kayaks and canoes from the base on the banks of the river Adur in West Sussex, a few miles north of Shoreham. However, if you’re new or need to brush up on your skills then book onto a course or simply get in touch with the Kayak Coach and ask for a trip!

If your visitor needs a place to work from for the day then you can book them a day pass through our homepage or just turn up and we’ll sort it out for you!


Author: Alexandra Young

Photos: Alexandra Sarah