What defines our community?

We’re all about inspiring creativity and nurturing talented, visionary businesses that are keen to collaborate. Every aspect of The Projects has been designed to support this type of community, from the balance of work and social space to the concierge extras and events programme.

Here you’ll discover featured new members as they join our thriving community. Find out who they are, what they do and what makes them tick.


Christos Demetriou Managing Director

Meet Ethos 

Ethos is a property company with a difference. Not only does it manage its clients’ property assets, it also runs its own property portfolio and operates some of the businesses for whom Ethos is also the landlord. These include luxury student accommodation in Cardiff (and Exeter from 2019), cafés and restaurants (Lost in the Lanes) and collaborative working spaces (yes, you guessed it – The Projects).

For client portfolios, Ethos is all about maximizing revenue and reducing cost. When it comes to its own portfolio, the company prides itself on operating a certain type of business – always high quality, with a creative execution and exceptional customer service. The Projects is no exception.

Ethos has a small management team, you’ll meet Christos, Chris, James, Andrew, Claire and Jane in the hallways!

Their door is always open and you’re welcome to go and have a coffee with them up on the third floor (they’ve even got sea views from their very own balcony). Let them tell you more about what they do and their future plans for The Projects.


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