Our Story

A sense of belonging

Co-working spaces aren’t new; they’re a powerful way for individuals and growing businesses to share facilities, meet with like-minded people and work in a more productive and creative environment.

However, there’s now an increasing need to readdress the balance in our lives – ‘working to live’ rather than ‘living to work’, enjoying our time at the office and moulding our work lives to accommodate our personal needs.

A better way of living

We’ve focused on building a high quality, comfortable environment, adding concierge-style services to make life just that little bit easier, and looked for new ways to encourage active collaboration between our members.


The murmuration is a mesmerising display of unison, creating beautiful, natural shapes and forms. It’s a daily ritual created by thousands of starlings which swirl and swoop together over Brighton’s seafront at dusk.

However, it’s more than just a beautiful demonstration of agility. The starlings congregate in this way to share important information and advice about feeding and nesting locations, as well as to stay safe from predators.

The murmuration is the ultimate collaboration, perfectly representing the essence of The Projects brand: “Beautiful things happen when we work together.”


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